Scotty McCreery – John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters from Home” – American Idol 10 Top 24 Performance

Scotty McCreery is a teenage country singer with a deep baritone voice. He has made it to the Top 24 despite messing up his lyrics or repeatedly singing Josh Turner’s “Your Man” (the “baby lock the door” song) during his auditions. This has led many to label Scotty a bit of a one-trick pony. Nonetheless, has was picked for the voting rounds. According to JoesPlaceBlog, McCreery sang John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters From Home” for the Top 24.

Initial Thoughts:

While Scotty is a limited singer in terms of genre, that is not necessarily relevant at the beginning of the voting rounds. Probably just as many people are rooting for him as are tired of the same kind of performances he gravitates toward due to his natural voice.

In fact, being the only country singer in the bunch for the boys (and only Lauren Alaina might be considered country on the girls’ side), it is somewhat likely that millions of country lovers will vote regardless of how well he performs. The country vote is fairly substantial and tends to vote based on that genre. And there are enough of them that I can confidently predict that McCreery will get one of the top 5 spots. Those top five vote-getters advance automatically to the next round.

As if the country voting contingent isn’t enough, John Michael Montgomery’s “Letters From Home” is almost certainly a producer suggestion that will all but guarantee Scotty makes it. Add the patriotic votes in with the (somewhat overlapping) country crowd, and that is a recipe for success at this point in the American Idol competition.


Look for Scott to advance no matter how he sings. The novelty of the deep voice will not be enough to keep him in until the end, but it will likely last until at least Top 9.


Check back for the conclusion of this article after Scotty McCreery performs “Letters From Home” on the American Idol episode of March 1, 2011.

Scotty starts out with his trademark baritone voice. He is showing some good control this time. This is sort of what is expected but should do fine for getting votes from his existing fan base. He hit a fairly high note at the end to change it up a bit. Expect Scotty to get through easily to the next round.