Top 5 South Park Characters

  1. Cartman
    Cartman is the most entertaining of the the four main characters. Cartman is a kid that can not be trusted for anything. He is racist, sexist, and everything stereotypical about ever race or religion. He is often trying to take over the world or attempting to exterminate different groups of people. Cartman is also fat and is often made fun of for it. His mother does whatever it is that he wants without asking questions to please him. Cartman’s long time enemies with Kyle mostly just for being a Jew.
  2. Randy
    Stan’s Dad, Randy often takes a lead role in episodes. He is supposed to be one of the smartest people in the town, but he often proves that he is far from that. One of Randy’s most crowning moments is when he takes what turns out to be the largest poop ever. Randy also gives himself testicular cancer in one episode just so that he can smoke marijuana legally. He often spreads his idiotic ideas to the rest of the town who is not that bright and will follow him.
  3. Kenny
    Kenny is the stereotypical poor white family. His parents look like complete trash and have a trashed little house. Kenny is deprived when it comes to many possessions. Kenny also is unable to speak normally. The thing that puts him in the number three slot is that he dies in every episode almost. It turns out that he has a special power of not ever actually dying. He will die, but wake up in his bed the next morning as if nothing ever happened. His friends will also never remember him dying which makes him upset.
  4. Stan
    Stan is another of the four main protagonists in the story. Stan seems to be someone of a leader among the four friends and also one of the smarter ones. He is not bias towards any of them but often recognizes that Cartman is truly a jerk. Stan also has a girlfriend problem. Every time he is near the girl he likes, Wendy, he throws up on her. Stan often has to deal with Randy, his father, and his crazy ideas.
  5. Butters
    Many people probably hate Butters, but I find most of his moments entertaining. He is a boy that is in complete fear of everything. His parents do not let him do anything and punish him all the time. He is bullied by many of the people at school and is often forced into bad positions by his “friends.” My favorite moment with Butters is when he thinks he has a girlfriend, but it is only a waitress from a Hooters like restaurant teasing him so that he goes there and buys more food.