Out of Time : Denzel Washington Is A Man On a Mission

The film Out of Time is an action thriller that stars Denzel Washington and is directed by Carl Franklin. In this film which is certainly not Denzel’s best, (I thought he was much better in John Q) viewers get thrills and suspense.

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Denzel plays the role of Matt Whitlock, a Florida police detective. When a double homocide occurs, the evidence points to him and he believes he is being framed. The killer knows Whitlock perfectly and Whitlock suspects that he is being framed by someone close to him that he knows; possible even someone in his own police department.

Whitlock goes on a mission to find the real killer and clear his own name. Whitlock also becomes involved in a messy relationship with Ann Harison, played by Sanaa Lathan. Whitlock believe she may have had a hand in setting him up and he is out to find the truth behind the whole crime.

There are some really great scenes in the film like when Whitlock has hold of someone with valuable information from him but won’t talk. So Whitlock takes a bomb with a timer and ties the man to his car and tells him to start talking or the bomb will explode. The man refuses to talk but once he sees that Whitlock is serious he talks. Instead of freeing the man, Whitlock lets the timer keep ticking as he slowly but very cooly walks away from his car as it explodes in the background.

The film is also about how Detective Whitlock made some very bad decisions like his affair, and giving out money illegally. He is running out of time as the police are breathing down his neck and trying to capture him.

Detective Whitlock must find the killer before its too late.

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In the end in a great gun fight, Whitlock guns down the real killers as the scene fades into the background and his name is cleared.

Would I recommend this film to movie viewers? Possibly. If you are a huge Denzel Washington fan or really like thrilling films I would suggest this film but there are certainly better films out there. All in all, this film isn’t a masterpiece but it isn’t terrible either.