Legend of the Guardians Review: A Fowl Movie — Warning, Potential Spoilers

I finally got around to watching Legend of the Guardians, that owl movie I saw trailers for back when I went to see The Last Air Bender in 3D. My prediction based on the trailer was basically dead on, that it was a film more about making the audience feel enthralled by the spectacles on screen than any real depth. So, essentially, the trailer showcased every GOOD moment in the film.

LoG was a fun movie to watch and up until the half way point I thought it was really good. It’s only after the story remembered that Soren, the lead protagonist, had to be the overall hero of the story that it started going South. The problem with the movie isn’t that it doesn’t have a good set up, it’s that it never goes anywhere with most of the plot threads that were put down.

For example:

There is a prophecy at play in the film, but it serves no purpose other than to make it clear that, BEYOND ALL LOGIC, Soren HAS to be the overall hero of the film.

Soren ends up having a love interest and another female owl who it is implied fancies him… Nothing is done with this.

The BIG McGuffin of the film behind the antagonists’ plot is never explained in a reasonable fashion. It is simply an excuse to make Soren the overall hero of the film.

And, of course, because they’re vying for a sequel, only one villain is killed and the threat remains, meaning nothing was accomplished but a victory in a single battle of a larger war. And, of course, Soren is the one who killed the villain by luck alone and is hailed as a great hero for it, despite that he ditched his job protecting EXTREMELY VULNERABLE owls and was off screwing things up. To me, it doesn’t matter who killed the villain, every soldier has done his part, all equally important. The only way you can construe a singular HERO is if the hero does something no one else is willing to do, which was not the case.

This is a film that uses impressive graphics to distract you from a weak story and in turn uses some decent cues from the story to give enough meaningful context to the graphics to make them even better to see. If you watch this, turn your brain off and it’ll be worth your while.